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First turtle nest in Grand Cayman for 2019

Crescent Beach - vacation paradise in Cayman
Published by in Nature · 28 June 2019
Tags: turtles
Back around 8th April, we were pleased to call the Department of the Environment's turtle team out to Crescent Beach. Tracks had been found! A nest was confirmed and location noted. Then everything was smoothed over to deter nest thieves. Last week the happy event took place - we know that 144 baby turtles made it to the waters of Half Moon Bay during the night - but checking the nest site DOE found 11 stragglers who were a bit weak. A plastic pail and some sand to the rescue. Later that evening, the 11 babies were released much to the delight of guests from both Crescent Beach and Endless Breeze - our neighbour on whose stretch of the beach the nest was actually located.

Today, new turtle tracks have appeared and if a nest is found, we could have another happy event around August 26th 2019.

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