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Tropical storms and hurricanes

Crescent Beach - vacation paradise in Cayman
Published by Paul de Freitas in Weather · 2 November 2017
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We are pleased to report that apart from significant rain associated with passing weather bands, Crescent Beach was not affected by any of the 2017 season of hurricanes.

Our daughter, author Samantha M Clark, and her husband Jamie were at Crescent Beach during the passage of Tropical Storm Nate. Fay Anne and I were there for Tropical Storm Phillipe. Neither caused any issues other than blowing the beach loungers and BBQ's around. Samantha was joined in week two of her stay by a number of authors from Texas for a writing retreat.

Some waves were as high as the fire pit and so a few of the rocks and coral pieces which make up the pit will be replaced before the November guests start to arrive.

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