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Arrivals and departures - some thoughts and suggestions


Address for Immigration

Crescent Beach
1070C Sea View Road
Half Moon Bay, East End
Grand Cayman

SAND: +1 (345) 945-6712  +++ SKY: +1 (345) 946-7224

Brochures - Magazines

A wide selection of guides to local attractions is available from a small booth on the right as you exit Immigration and enter Customs

Customs Declaration

If you are a gun owner, check your bags and belongings very carefully before you leave home to ensure that no gun or ammunition of any description is knowingly or unknowingly imported into the Cayman Islands. This is a very serious offence with possible heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

See a list of travel allowances by clicking here...

Picking up your Rental Car

Your rental car may be in one of two locations:

Andy's Car Rental: Proceed straight across the airport road to the car park - walk through to the right and over the perimiter road to Andy's.
All Other Car Rental: Turn left out of Arrivals and walk 100 yards, crossing the Owen Roberts Airport Road by the pedestrian crossing to the car rental centre.

To Shop Or Not To Shop?

When you  arrive, you have a decision to make. For any day of the week except Sunday or Bank Holiday arrivals, that decision is easy. Stop and shop on the way for enough provisions to tide you over until you feel rested enough to brave the supermarket again. On Sundays and Bank Holidays that is not possible because supermarkets and liquor stores are closed. By prior arrangement, Paul and Fay Anne can do an initial shop for you if you are arriving late Saturday night, Sunday or on a Bank Holiday. Just provide us with a list of what you would like us to purchase on your behalf.

We leave good non-perishables in the apartments, items left by previous guests which we judge are something we would be happy to use. So you will typically find cooking basics like spices, some tea, cocoa, coffee, sugar and so on already in the apartment. Just top it up on your next supermarket visit. There are three possible shopping locations on the way from the airport to Crescent Beach - and you can see them all from the road.

FOSTERS SUPERMARKET - AIRPORT - look for it on the right just after the airport post office. There is a liquor store next door and the PRICED RIGHT bulk store as well.
HURLEYS SUPERMARKET - RED BAY - look for it on the left of the first major roundabout and use either entrance. There is a liquor store on its right.
FOSTERS SUPERMARKET - COUNTRYSIDE SHOPPING VILLAGE - our favourite. Turn left off of the tear-shaped roundabout opposite RUBIS Savannah gas station.

Let Us Know Your Progress

Either Paul, Fay Anne or both will meet you at Crescent Beach to show you around. Please text us when you arrive at your chosen supermarket. That will give us time to drive up to Crescent Beach and make sure that we are there when you arrive. Text to +1.345.916.6331 (Paul) or +1.345.925.3807 (Fay Anne).


Timing Your Departure

The Owen Roberts Airport is about 40 minutes away from Crescent Beach except at rush hour in the morning when it becomes more like 90 minutes. So we have the following advice:

Flights departing between 8am and 9am

Leave Crescent Beach by no later than 5:30 am
Return rental car and then check in
Breakfast at either the Hungry Horse restaurant upstairs or the departure lounge snack bar

Flights departing late morning or early afternoon

Leave Crescent Beach at least 3 hours before your flight - latest checkout time is 11am so that the cleaners can do their work
Return rental car and then check in
Take the George Town Yacht Club shuttle bus (see map) to the yacht club for a great lunch and panoramic view of the marina.
Use the shuttle bus to get back to the airport at least one hour before boarding time.

Other things to do if you have a really late departure

Latest checkout time from Crescent Beach is 11am so that the cleaners can do their work
Visit the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens for three hours - the exercise will get you sleeping on your flight
Visit Pure Art on South Sound Road - for a couple of hours of pure browsing pleasure
Visit the CI National Gallery on the Camana Bay bypass - it's just 10 minutes away from the airport

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