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Special partner services for your Crescent Beach visit

You may have a special reason for your visit to Grand Cayman - and it is just possible that one of the organisations on this page is what you are looking for. We know most of these people and companies personally and also know their reputation. Browsing their websites might just help you to decide on who best can help you with those special needs. If you need further help, just contact us.

EHP limited
Elevation Health Physiotherapy
2nd Floor
Fidelity Financial Centre
1 Gecko Link
Seven Mile Beach
Office: +1 (345) 623-6663
Elzke: +1 (345) 325-9938
Elevation is your #1 stop for for Women's and Men's Health Orthopaedics, Sports injuries and for Pilates. Both Paul and Fay Anne call on Elzke and her amazing staff to sort out the thumps and bumps we get looking after Crescent Beach and the Prospect Playhouse.

Elzke Hoehler
B.Sc. Physiotherapy, OMT, Pelvic Health

Anytime Wellness
We come to you
Call: +1 (345) 925-6592
Anytime Wellness Ltd will come out to Crescent Beach for a flat travel fee and then provide either body scrubs or body massages. Starting at just CI$35 for a 60-minute massage, it is easy to see why a massage for the whole group is affordable! We are experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process; we're also here to make you feel great. We are here to make you happy - your happiness is important to us.

We come to Crescent Beach
Appointment 9am to 10pm
Call: +1 (345) 928-1124Contact form
My vision for this company is to bring the most unique and blissful spa experience and provide the high quality service and genuine care. I believe that when our mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is a natural result. Massage is one of the oldest therapies in the world, and the use of touch is a natural alleyway into healing art. Touch is a basic human instinct and it has a power to comfort and reassure on many levels. It can relax the body, calm the mind and encourage healing and well-being.

Lucie Tesarkova
Certified: Masernicka | CIDESCO | DAI | FTH | Dexter

Beach Bubbles
Tropical Artisan Soaps
Call: +1 (345) 926-5812
Call: +1 (203) 971-8633

Nina sells more soap than any other company in Cayman - hand-crafted and gorgeously scented soaps. You will find them in all of the bathrooms at Crescent Beach. And you will probably want to take some home for your guest room! So stop in at Beach Bubbles, opposite the post office in Bodden Town, to work out which kinds you want to order. Or take a pot-luck mix - send an email to Nina:

Nina Marie Squires

CI Helicopters
Next to Burger King
North Church Street
Call: +1 (345) 943-4354
Contact form
See the video
Fay Anne introduced Paul to Cayman Islands Helicopters as a birthday present back in 2012. Paul had known pilot/owner Jerome through his annual participation in the Kiwanis Kiwanibike ride which raises money to support Kiwanis work with schools. We did the Stingray City Tour which departs from the CI Helicopters helipad next to Burger King on North Church Street. Jerome then flew north-east out to the sandbar where a number of stingrays were clearly visible around the moored boats. We then went to Stingray City proper near the reef and then back over Barkers National Park for a fly up Seven Mile Beach. We circled the sunken dive attraction, the USS Kittiwake, and then circled back to George Town harbour where we did a complete 360-degree around a visiting cruise ship at just above deck-height. The views of downtown George Town and the harbour area were phenomenal. Jerome provides an entertaining running commentary which everyone enjoys. Finally we landed back at the pad on North Church Street. See the video for more details. Yes, the copter is a little noisy - that's the way they are - but each person is given a noise-cancelling headset with mic for use during the flight to talk with each other and with Jerome. What's not to like?

Cayman Kayaks
Call: +1 (345) 926-4467

Tom and Lisha Watling operate Cayman Kayaks - and the best option for seeing the fabulous bioluminescence which occurs in North Sound during moonless nights. Morning kayak tours through the mangroves are also available.
Multiple Award Winner for Tourism and Conservation

Opposite Health City
High Rock, Grand Cayman
Call: +1 (345) 946-0007
Deliveries: +1 (345) 946-0000
Spirits: +1 (345) 547-0000
ShopRight at Health City is just about 500 yards from Crescent Beach. While it is a delightful Indian-speciality store, you will find a nice selection of those groceries that you need if you have a Sunday arrival or a late flight into Grand Cayman. Apart form the regular groceries and Indian specialities (which we love - samosas especially), there are cut-price beers and spirits. And if you are confining yourself to the beach and really do not want to leave Crescent Beach, then call 946-0000 for deliveries.

Hurley's Supermarket
1053 Crewe Rd
Grand Harbour
Call: +1 (345) 947-8488
Hurleys Supermarket now offers a $15 delivery service - useful for avoiding shopping on your way from the airport to Crescent Beach. A well-crafted website allows you to order securely and make your payment for the groceries, the picking fee and the delivery charge. Hurleys giant stock is all online for ordering - and if something is out of stock Hurleys can replace that item with a close match. You can call to schedule a delivery time at which you will be at Crescent Beach or we can receive it on your arrival day and place perishables in the fridge or freezer ready for your arrival. If you are arriving on a Sunday, please remember that large supermarkets are not open, and therefore a Saturday delivery is required.

Jacques Scott
Free delivery
Order online
Call: +1 (345) 949-0277
Jacques Scott is the Islands’ largest retailer of wine, beer and spirits. You will find the finest French, Italian and American wines (including Antinori, Gaja, Bertani, Taittinger, Bollinger, Drouhin, Jolivet, Guigal, Ridge, Shafer and Beringer. Look for a large collection of award-winning wines from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Germany and South Africa. Their beer selection includes Cayman’s best selling beer, Heineken, as well as RS, Amstel Light, Amstel Bright, Guinness, Coors & Strongbow. For those with high spirits, look for Smirnoff Vodka, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Ketel One Vodka, Jack Daniels, Mount Gay Rum, Zacapa, Botanist Gin, Patron Tequila, Hennessy Cognac and Appleton Rum, the most popular rum in the Cayman Islands.

Tortuga Rum Company
Free delivery
Call: +1 (345) 623-2323

Simply Weddings
Call: +1 (345) 949-9933
Cell: +1 (345) 525.6551
SIMPLY weddings  is totally dedicated to ensuring that your wedding is everything that you could wish. Joy Basdeo, owner and Marriage Officer, and her husband, Sam, bring together a variety of contributing resources so that everything is taken care of and on an agreed budget. Of course, everyone has different needs and different budgets and that is why Simply Weddings works with Crescent Beach and other fine destination venues in Grand Cayman to provide you with a choice. Once that choice is made, Joy and Sam focus on the elements that make a wedding or renewal of vows a great experience. Everything from flight packages to car rentals, hotel or special accommodation, restaurants or catered events, tents, awnings, flowers and media - all arranged perfectly for you. And of course, once you are married you will need the internationally accepted documents - licence and possibly apostile. Joy is licensed by the Cayman Islands Government to provide you with all of these.
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