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Your Privacy on the Crescent Beach website

Your Rights

  1. Your personal data is yours and will not be shared without your authorisation except in the following limited cirecumstances:
    1. The Department of Tourism requires us to report visitor stays
    2. The Customs and Border Control department is authorised by law to know the location and names of all visitors to the Cayman Islands
    3. The Cayman Islands Police Department is entitled to certain limited information in following up on complaints or wrongful activities
  2. We do not share your personal information with the guests of the other apartment at Crescent Beach. It is up to you to do so if you wish.
  3. If we are collecting or receiving delivered groceries and drinks before your arrival, we will be asked to confirm the name and phone number of the purchaser.
  4. While you are using the amenties at Crescent Beach, we will try to respect your privacy. However:
    1. The pool is cleaned every Saturday morning around 6:30am.
    2. We conduct external maintenance, gardening and beach cleaning as required by daily circumstances.
    3. We may occasionally need to use the games room for a Crescent Beach House function and will give you notice.
    4. We may occasionally need to use the home theatre and will give you notice.
  5. We will not enter your apartment while you are not there unless maintenance is required and you have requested that we do so.
    1. If outside contractors require access, they will be accompanied by either Fay Anne or Paul at all times.
    2. If the length of your stay requires an interim apartment cleaning, the cleaners will have access to the apartment at a time of your choosing. Please ensure that valuables and identity documents are placed in the safe in the master bedroom closet and locked.
  6. If you write in our guest book, it will be read by future guests. Your words, but not your name, will also appear on the Crescent Beach website guest Reviews page.
  7. After your departure, we shall send an infrequent update about Crescent Beach by email. Should you prefer not to be updated, kindly let us know and we shall remove your email address from our mailing list of Past Guests.
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"... quite literally a little piece of Heaven on Earth..."
(SU - Oct 25, 2015)

"... you have been great hosts for our stay in your beautiful place on the ocean..."
(WP - March 19, 2016)
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