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Location - Crescent Beach, Grand Cayman

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We drive "on the left".

If you are not used to roundabouts, remember that if you are on a two-lane highway:

  • you should be in the left lane to turn left or go straight over the roundabout
  • you should be in the right lane if turning right from the roundabout.

Always give way to vehicles already on the roundabout. When you are on the roundabout you have right of way over vehicles waiting to join.
Roundabout rules
Click on the image below for a bird's-eye view of the Crescent Beach location

The street address of Crescent Beach is 1070C Sea View Road, Half Moon Bay, Grand Cayman.

  • Click here for a Google Maps link
  • Coordinates for GPS: 19.295184 (N), 81.151654 (W)

Some helpful phrases if you need to stop to ask directions are:

  • It's on the beach just before Health City and it has that giant staircase!
  • It's just before Lover's Walk going into East End.

You can also print off and follow Google Maps directions if you wish. But here are the directions from Owen Roberts Airport in Grand Cayman to Crescent Beach, a distance of about 28.3 km or 17.48 miles - also given are distances to the supermarkets so please set the car tripometer to 0000 before you leave the car rental agency:

  • Turn left at the airport exit onto Roberts Drive.
  • Turn left at the roundabout outside the Airport Post Office.
  • Go past (1.1 km / 0.68 miles) Fosters Food Fair supermarket on the right and follow Crewe Road around the airport runway by following the left-side filter at the roundabout opposite Kirk Motors and then veering/filtering left at the T-junction on the far side of the runway. You are on crewe Road and passing an Esso gas station. The runway is visible on your left.
  • Continue to a large roundabout at King’s Sports Centre and go straight, continuing along Crewe Road which is now a dual carriageway.
  • Either:
    • Take the left filter lane at the DMS roundabout into the Grand Harbour complex and (4.8 km / 2.98 miles) and Hurley's Supermarket to get your groceries (Monday to Saturday); or
    • Take second exit to Bodden Town at the DMS roundabout opposite the Grand Harbour complex and (4.8 km / 2.98 miles) Hurley's Supermarket - stay in the right-hand lane. You are now on Shedden Road.
  • Stay right at the fork onto the East-West Arterial. Take second exit to Bodden Town at the next roundabout - stay in the right-hand lane.
  • Take third exit (right) to Bodden Town at the Chrissie Tomlinson roundabout. You are now on Shamrock Road.
  • Follow Shamrock Road to the (10.8 km / 6.71 miles) CountrySide Shopping Village roundabout at Savannah - opposite the Rubis gas station. Here you will find Fosters Food Fair supermarket, Jacques Scott for wines and beers, and the Countryside Pharmacy - our favourite shopping spots.
  • Continue to follow Shamrock Road to Bodden Town where the name of the road will change to Bodden Town Road.
  • Continue straight - after 3 miles, Bodden Town Road becomes Sea View Road as you pass Frank Sound Road on the left. Half Moon Bay is on your right after approximately 2.2 miles (3.5 kilometers). Look for the "tall" sand coloured building with the red-tile roof on the beach. There is a small sign outside but you cannot miss the Grand staircase or the Half Moon Bay sign.
  • Crescent Beach is the second building from the driveway.
  • If you are in SKY, park on the left of the grand staircase.
  • If you are in SAND, park on the right of the grand staircase.


Drone view of Crescent Beach from over Sea View Road
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