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Places to visit - near Crescent Beach, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman places
We personally patronise most of the companies mentioned on this page and have great experiences with them. We do hope that you will receive similar treatment - and do feel free to let them know that we recommended them to you.

In the event that your experience is less rewarding than you expect, we apologise but accept no liability for a recommendation based on our experiences and made in good faith.

We also present places and companies based on the experiences reported to us by our guests - positive experiences only. In these cases we do not have personal experience but do accept the first-hand experiences of our guests.

Our Turtle Star-rating is solely based on written or verbal recommendations by our guests. Where no Turtle Star rating exists, the place or organisation in question has not been recommended or mentioned. We do provide a link to TripAdvisor for additional ratings.

Reservations are important - use the house phone to ensure that you have a reserved table or excursion.

And finally, please mention  and rate the places you visit while you are reviewing your stay at Crescent Beach. We will then be able to include them here.

Public beaches
The Cayman Islands government has published an interactive map of all of the public beach access pathways on Grand Cayman. Click here to view the map... Note that Half Moon Bay is "private". However, Heritage Beach, just down the road within walking distance is public, is generally less "active" (and less exciting), and has no ironshore.
Beach Bubbles
Bright Dayz Plaza
187 Bodden Town Road
Bodden Town
Surprisingly, Beach Bubbles is in the top three of places to shop in Grand Cayman, beating out the crème de la crème at Camana Bay and elsewhere. Soap? Yes - but you already knew that. Crescent Beach provides you with a wide array of soaps, exquisitely fragranced, from Beach Bubbles in each bathroom. Stop in and smell the roses - and the tangerine, and the pink grapefruit! You will also find that Beach Bubbles supplies a natural mosquito repellent that smells great, body butters in a variety of fragrances, and even hair tonics! What's not to like?
Turn left out of the driveway; proceed through Breakers and on to Bodden Town - about 10 minutes driving. Beach Bubbles will be on your right just before the Rubis gas station.
Beacon Farms
1531 Frank Sound Road
North Side
Phone: 947-9800
Changing lives through agriculture, Beacon Farms grows the tobacco used for Cayman's fine hand-rolled cigars available from Cayman Cigar.

Visit and experience a guided tour every Tuesday or Thursday at 11am. Wear sensible closed-toe shoes and sun protection. CI$12 or US$15 per person - your fee supports the farm programmes of social entrepreneurship and agricultural innovation.
Big Tree BBQ
503 Austin Conolly Drive,
Gun Bay, East End
Phone: 938-8314
Ninety-six out of 100 people rate this road-side garden BBQ as very good or excellent. And if you have ever wanted to taste "swanky" then this is a great place to do so while dining on a range of very Caymanian fare. All of this at a price which is really very good. Eat at one of the roadfside tables, mingling with Caymanians and expatriate residents who know the secret of this place. Or call and ask what's on - then order and drive over, pay and take away.

Turn right out of the driveway and continue through East End to Gun Bay - about 4.5 miles - you can't miss it on the left under the Big Tree.
The Blowholes
A mile or so east of Crescent Beach are the blowholes. Incoming waves rush into holes in the ironshore creating unique photo opportunities. Just across the road is a coconut water stand - great for health and great for cooling down. And if you want to stretch your legs, it's a nice walk up Lovers Walk and onwards - so why burn gasoline?

Turn right out of the driveway and walk (or drive) east.
BlueRock Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
110 Heron Place, High Rock, East End, Grand Cayman
Phone: 945-7625
Great food, good bar, two sports TV's and a couple of pool tables. Favourite place of many locals - eat inside or outside. It offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from Pot Stickers, Conch Fritters, and Quesadillas to Chicken Tikka Masala, Fajitas, and make-your-own pizza options. The restaurant is part of the same team that brought us Blue Cilantro and is known for its expansive and affordable menu. We visit BlueRock a couple of times a month.

Turn right out of the driveway and drive 400 yards to a sign on the left to Health City hospital. Go over the rise. BlueRock is the first establishment in the row of shops after the left turn to Parrot Ridge.
Calypso Grill
Morgan's Harbour
West Bay
Phone: 949-3948
Set on an inlet on the north-west coast of North Sound, Calypso Grill overlooks a harbour rich in deep-sea fishing boats and their accompanying fleet of frigate birds and other ocean denizens. While there, ask for Chef George Fowler's book, Going Down Sticky Toffee Lane, and ask Chef George to sign it personally. Rated consistently at 5 stars by on-line contributors and by Crescent Beach guests, Calypso Grill is definitely worth the drive - about 40 minutes - at least once during your visit.

Turn left out the driveway, follow the signs to George Town and then West Bay and finally Morgan's Harbour at the end of Batabano Road.
Camana Bay
Seven Mile Beach
World class shopping and entertainment clustered around wide walkways and canals, Camana Bay is a great place to spend a few hours looking for that perfect gift, a themed meal in a themed restaurant, or a new release movie in one of six theatres. A farmer's market is open every Wednesday morning for that fresh produce for those who like to cook while on holiday. Camana Bay is on the Seven Mile Beach by-pass road - you can't miss it.

Follow the dual carriageways into George Town, turn right at the final t-junction roundabout and continue in the direction of West Bay.
Captain Herman Fish Fry
Sea View Road
East End
Phone: 924-4007
If you visit Captain Herman's around 5pm you will have to join the queue as family cars heading for East End or Gun Bay stop to pick up the evening family meal or to see what fish is on special for later. And later means 8:00pm because after that Captain Herman's is closed. Most of the time you can get an incredible array of fish meals - if you are there early because popular specials move fast and once done are "finish". Don't let the shack atmosphere fool you - the cooking is home cooking done take-away style. But if you want to eat there, choise a cabana overlooking the ocean. Take cash since Captain Herman's does not accept credit cards.

Turn right out of the driveway and you will find Captain Herman Fish Fry 2.2 miles away just at the start of the East End build-up.
Cayman Islands Helicopters
North Church Street

They say that the beauty of Grand Cayman lies beneath the surface. Well they have never tried a tour of the island with Jerome Begot and his Eurocopter 350 B2 helicopter. You don't really appreciate how many stingrays are at the sandbar near Stingray City until you see them from the air. You don't appreciate the abundance of coral protecting and invading pristine, sandy-bottomed bays unless you have the advantage of height. As Jerome puts it " Let me show you my office" - and with that, an amazing adventure begins. Check out our personal video of a flight with Jerome on our  Info | Resources page

Look for their ocean-side office and landing pad next to Burger King on North Church Streeet - about 2 minutes north of the harbour.
Cayman Cigars
Bright Dayz Plaza
187 Bodden Town Road
Bodden Town
Phone: 946-2447
Watch the making of hand-rolled cigars by skilled and friendly artisans using techniques that have been passed down for generations. Purchase traditional and cheroot hand-rolled cigars knowing that all profits go to charity. And if you want to see the tobacco leaf being grown, visit Beacon Farms for a tour.
Cayman Kayaks
Rum Point
Phone: 926-4467
Cayman Kayaks, established in 2006, is the original tour operator of Bioluminescent Tours in Grand Cayman. Tom and Lisha Watling are a husband and wife team and the owners and operators of Cayman Kayaks. Their tours include a Bioluminescent Kayak Tour or a Bioluminescent Electric Boat Tour. The short and comfortable journey to the bay’s calm water on a double kayak is suitable for all skill levels or lack thereof. But for those who prefer no work, their custom electric stealth boat is like no other. The floor hatches open to a wondrous world below. Help protect and preserve the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman - explore the enchanting waters on either of Cayman Kayaks' eco-friendly options.
Cayman Offshore Adventures
Captain Jacob McTaggart
Phone: 916-3474
Captain Jake is highly recommended by previous guests of Crescent Beach and has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor - with over 50 reviews. The boat, a 32' Perma-Craft with new Yanmar diesel engines, gives a quiet powerful ride and is equipped with all necessary safety gear, double outriggers and for the avid fisherman, even a Tracy Battle Station for fighting fish while standing! Expect comfort and expertise. Since it is your charter (a day is just US$900) you could try: deep-sea, reef or deepdrop fishing, snorkeling, StingRay City, Starfish Point or other locations - your call since it is your charter. Now not everyone in the family may be a fisherman - so expect comfortable cabin and outdoor seating, a cooler for your drinks and a pace that matches your needs. You are not sharing the boat with anyone else so feel free to discuss doing your own thing with Captain Jake and Sean. And remember the first rule of the ocean - please keep your litter on board - our sea life really does not want it. Thanks.
Czech Inn
653 Bodden Town Rd
Pease Bay, Bodden Town
Eat at a picnic table or take it home. Everything from burgers to authentic schnitzel and Guláš. Czech Inn is much loved by Crescent Beach guests. Chef Jiri Zitterbart'is cooking speaks for itself.

Turn left out of the driveway and go through Breakers. About 3 miles further on you will find Czech Inn  -  a couple of hundred yards after the 25mph speed limit sign as you enter Bodden town. If you hit the Bodden Town police station, you are about 200 yards too far.
Church Of God Chapel, Walkers Road, George Town - 946-2524 (Map)
First Baptist Church, 920 Crewe Road, George Town - 949-0692 (Map)
51 Lime Tree Bay Ave
Seven Mile Beach
Phone: 745-5377
Google Maps
Yes, you can bulk purchase carefully and save about 25% on your food costs. Similar to Sam's and Costco, but without the membership cards, Cost-U-Less offers warehouse shopping at better pricing. It also features a deli section with fresh meats. You will also find cheap toys, electronics and casual clothes. So on your way to or from Seven Mile Beach, you might like to stop in and take a wander around. Credit cards are accepted.
Crystal Caves
69 Northside Road
Old Man Bay
Phone: 925-3001
Situated about 10 minutes away, a visit to Crystal Caves will be rewarded with a trip backwards millions of years. That's the length of time that Mother Nature needed to form these fascinating caves full of stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and other rock and crystal formations. See a lush tropical forest and then descend into a world of wonder including an underground lake - all explained by a tour guide. IMPORTANT: Call for a reservation - these are very popular guided tours with limits on number of guests.

Turn left out of the driveway and go 2.2 miles to the Frank Sound Road on the right. Take it north to Old Man Bay and veer left after the gas station. Look for the Crystal Caves signs on the left 50 yards from the corner.
Dragon Inn
Countryside Shopping Village
Phone: 947-1166
We like to take home either Indian or Chinese food occasionally for that "eat from the boxes" night in front of the History Channel. Dragon Inn  is great because we can place an order for freshly cooked food, walk 50 yards away and do the grocery shopping at Fosters Food Fair (See below), and then walk back and pick up nicely cooked Sichuan stir fry and Sweet and Sour chicken. A personal favourite is the sautéed prawns. Dragon Inn has been around for over 20 years. We have never eaten there although it does have padded bench/table-style seating. To us it has always been one of those places that let's us eat out at home.

Find it opposite the Rubis gas station at the oddly-shaped Savannah roundabout opposite exactly 10.3 miles from Crescent Beach. Turn into Countryside Shopping Village and then immediately left and left again - Dragon Inn is directly in front of you.
Eagle Rays
Compass Point Dive Resort
344 Austin Conolly Drive
East End
Phone: 640-8888
Home of the famous Lion Fish Taco - choose a veranda table and watch the comings and goings of the divers and the Ocean Frontiers staff. Great snack food if you are in a hurry - but well designed main courses as well. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner too...

One of our favourite places to break up the day. And if you like a glass of bubbly, ask the waiter to show you how to make furniture from the cork restrainers.
Fosters Food Fair
Countryside Shopping Village
Phone: 945-3663
Stop in on your way from the airport or while touring the west end of the island. Conveniently situated at the oddly-shaped Savannah roundabout opposite the Rubis gas station, here you will find a great deli for that fast dining experience, and a wide assortment of the food and drinks for every taste.
  • Store Hours – Mon – Sat 7:00AM – 11:00PM
  • Holiday Hours – 9:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Closed – ALL Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

It is exactly 10.3 miles from Crescent Beach.
Fosters Food Fair Express
Morritts Shopping Centre
East End
Google Maps
There is also a mini Fosters Food Fair for that emergency shopping. It is just opposite the Morritt's Tortuga timeshare. Turn right towards and then through East End and Gun Bay.
  • Store Hours – Mon – Thu 7:00AM – 7:00PM  and Fri - Sat 7:00AM- 10:00PM
  • Holiday Hours – 9:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Closed – ALL Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

It is exactly 7.2 miles from Crescent Beach.
George's Watersports
Cayman Islands Yacht Club
Dock B.
Cell: (+1) 345-923-7078
George now offers bioluminescent kayak tours to newly discovered bio bays in North Sound. One new bioluminescent location lies inside a pristine mangrove forest only a five minute drive from the beaches of Seven Mile beach. See the ocean light up in the dark of night during the night as you move your paddle through the water. During the daytime tours you will see many different types of birds, such as white cattle egrets and herons; you will also see a lot of fish swimming through the mangrove roots, such as snapper and tarpon. Learn about the important role that the mangroves play in sustaining Cayman's delicate ecosystem. Want to go solo? George now offers stand up paddle board rentals. Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing watersport in the world, and now you can rent your very own SUP board for up to a week and use it at Half Moon Bay.
Jacques Scott Liquor Store
Countryside Shopping Village
Phone: 947-1536
Google Maps
Stop in on your way from the airport or while touring the west end of the island. Conveniently situated at the oddly-shaped Savannah roundabout opposite the Rubis gas station, here you will find a wide range of beers, fine wines and spirits. Of course, you can also stock up on your favourite sodas and finger snacks or purchase that exotic corkscrew.

It is exactly 10.3 miles from Crescent Beach.
Kaibo Bar and Grill
585 Water Cay Road
Cayman Kai, North Side
Phone: 947-9975
A favourite with boaters and beach bums, families and friends, the classy and the classless, Kaibo features a wonderful on-beach bar with harbour and an upstairs restaurant of the grand style. Tuesdays are Beach BBQ day - crowded with tourists from the Seven Mile Beach hotels who have taken a water bus across North Sound to join in the fun. To be honest, we avoid Tuesdays for that reason - it is almost too popular. But the atmosphere is great and the music rocks. If you want to eat "Upstairs" a reservation is a good idea.

Turn left out of the driveway and proceed and turn onto to the first major road on the right - the Frank Sound Road. Continue across to the "north side" of the island, turning left just after the small gas station in Old Man Bay. Continue on to Rum Point where you will see a left-turn sign to the Kaibo about 1 mile further on. It is exactly 9 miles from Crescent Beach.
Kurt's Korner Restaurant
Behind Water Boyz,
Old Man Bay, North Side
Phone: 947-8899
People don't remember the shack or the awning or, if you visit Kurt's at the wrong time of early evening, the mosquitoes. What they remember is tremendous Caymanian food at bargain prices - and the portions are large. We take-away from Kurt's Korner regularly since it is 5 minutes down the road and is open on Sunday evenings when we have typically run out of weekend fodder in the fridge. Of course, if you arrive on a late flight on Saturday, then Kurt's is a great place to get food on Sunday before the supermarkets re-open on Monday - it won't cost you an arm and a leg to eat well.

Turn left out of the driveway and then turn right at the first major road on the right - Frank Sound Road. Kurt's Corner is just before the Old Man Bay Esso Station - in fact it is hidden behind a bar called the Watering Place. It is exactly 5.4 miles from Crescent Beach.
Lighthouse Restaurant
2114 Bodden Town Rd
Phone: 947-2047


Turn left out of the driveway and continue to Breakers - you cannot miss the Lighthouse! It is exactly 3.3 miles from Crescent Beach.
Lovers Wall
Sea View Road
If you walk east along Sea View Road (turn right when on the road) about 200 yards, you arrive at the beginning of Lovers Wall, marked at each end by two romantic red hearts. On a windy day with any kind of south in the breeze, there is a background of thunder as waves erupt skywards - leaping off of the ironshore on which the wall is built. What a backdrop for a clever and memorable photo.
Over The Edge Cafe
312 North Side Rd,
Old Man Bay, North Side
Phone: 947-9568
Featuring over-the-water patio seating, a reservation is definitely required for this popular watering place since it has become the "local" for many who stay at time share establishments in East End and North Side. A sports bar atmosphere on entry leads through to two defined seating areas - a screened section useful when the wind is from the north, and another which is "over the edge".

Turn left out of the driveway and proceed and turn onto to the first major road on the right - the Frank Sound Road. Continue across to the "north side" of the island, turning left just after the small gas station in Old Man Bay. Continue about half a mile to the restaurant on the right. It is exactly 5.5 miles from Crescent Beach.
The Prospect Playhouse
223B Shamrock Road
Red Bay
Phone: 938-1998
Visitors are always shocked at the very professional quality of the productions of the Cayman Drama Society (CDS). Presenting five major productions a year is no easy task for an amateur group on an island of less than 60,000 people, and yet CDS pulls it off. Recent productions have included Steel Magnolias, Legally Blonde, Jekyll and Hyde and The Woman in Black , Noises Off, The Deception of Kathryn Vask, Beef No Chicken, Blood Brothers and The Memory of Water - a testament to the broad range of the society. Most shows start at 7:30 pm and since seating is first come, first served, it is best to arrive early and sample the range of local beers and a selection of wines at the best prices on the island. Paul directs a play a year at the Prospect Playhouse, and has been the volunteer (elected) Theatre Manager for nearly 15 years.

Drive towards George Town passing through Breakers and Bodden Town. After the strangely shaped Savannah roundabout you will come to the Chrissie Tomlinson roundabout - take second turn-off. The Prospect Playhouse shares a driveway with the Lighthouse School about 600 yards down the road. It is easily recognisable by the jerk stand out front which serves the best jerk chicken and jerk pork on the island - just follow the smell... It is exactly 13.5 miles from Crescent Beach.
Pure Art
South Church Street
South Sound, George Town
Phone: 949-9133
Google Maps
I don't spend a lot of time reviewing Pure Art. I don't need to - it sells itself! I wrote in TripAdvisor that it is the one store in which I could happily spend two or three hours though it is only six or so small rooms in size. If you  want that undeniable and unusual Cayman or Caribbean handiwork - painting, sculpture, jewellery or other crafts - to take home to your jealous family, Pure Art is the place. Chat with owner/artist Debbie van der Bol and ask her to point out those unusual but inexpensive items which can tease the momory. But be warned, you will also find such interesting stuff as signs that say things like "If you think a dog can't count, try putting three biscuits in your pocket and then only giving it two!". Enjoy...
Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Botanic Park
Frank Sound Road, North Side
Phone: 947-9462
More than just a park, this botanical wonderland  features a variety of colour gardens (Heritage Gardens), an old Caymanian house with caboose (the Tea House), the Woodland Trail which closely resembles the Cayman of the early 1600's. The park also provides a safe breeding place for the endangered Blue Iguana - and you will meet a few of them as you walk around the park. There is a modest entry fee.

Turn left out of the driveway and proceed and turn onto to the first major road on the right - the Frank Sound Road. Continue to a sign for the Botanical Gardens on the right. It is exactly 3.5 miles from Crescent Beach.
Ristorante Pappagallo
Conch Point Road
West Bay
Phone: 949-1119
Occupying a very large thatched building situated on a lake, Pappagallo restaurant offers a unique, world-class dining experience. And it is an experience - the much awarded restaurant offers gourmet food and fine wines, but the ambience is a sensory delight as the various parrots entertain with their antics.

Head towards George Town following the dual carriageways, turn right at the final T-junction roundabout towards West Bay, and then take the Esterly Tibbetts Highway bypassing Seven Mile Beach to the Batabano Road T-junction. Turn left and then in half a mile, turn right into Mount Pleasant. Look for the Pappagallo signs. The road becomes Captain Reginald Parson Drive - follow it for 2 miles and turn right at the T–junction with Conch Point Road. You will find Ristorante Pappagallo after about 600 yards located on the right side of the road.
Rum Point
North Side
Phone: 947-9412
Younger kids? The best beach for children - with plenty of tree-cover to prevent sunburn together with lots of seating and a shallow, gently sloping sandy beach. You will find a beach restaurant  for that Caribbean style cocktail and food.

Turn left out of the driveway and proceed and turn onto to the first major road on the right - the Frank Sound Road. Continue across to the "north side" of the island, turning left just after the small gas station in Old Man Bay. Continue on until you hit the beach - about 6 miles.
Sail With Friends
Seven Mile Beach
Phone: 548-8060

Cruising with a couple of new Irish friends - Patrick and Alice are live aboard sailors and have known Cayman waters for some 30 years. They offer either a sail boat tour or a power boat tour. You can sign up for one of their carefully designed trips, or you can call the shots and go on a custom tour designed by you and just for you - just ask! They are based at the yacht club on Seven Mile Beach - but can do a Kaibo pick-up for a small fee.

Recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2015 Certificate of Excellence.
Sea Elements
Yacht Drive
Seven Mile Beach
Phone: 936-8687
Google Maps
Providing Eco-Tours & Marine Programs, Sea Elements offers an exceptional opportunity for unique adventures in Cayman’s beautiful mangrove forest and tranquil blue water around Grand Cayman. Tours include: BioBay Boat and Swim, Mangroves Boat, Kayak and Snorkel, Full Moon Kayak, Mating Glow Worms, Stingray City and reef, kids' camps and boat charters.

Recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence. Recipient of the 2012 His Excellency The Governor’s Conservation Award for Tourism Conservation!
Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman
With some of the best fine white sand to be found anywhere in the world, and a fabulous view of sunsets and visiting cruise ships, Seven Mile Beach is a must-stop venue on any visitor's to-do list. Take your own eats and drinks or visit the beach facilities of the major hotels which populate the beach. Book for various water sports including parasailing, skidoos, and even small sail boats.

Head towards George Town following the dual carriageways, turn right at the final T-junction roundabout towards West Bay, and then turn left at any roundabout by Camana Bay to get to West Bay Road. You will find great spots next to the Governor's residence and at Public Beach which is well sign-posted.
Six Senses Cayman Adventures
Yacht Club, Yacht Drive
Seven Mile Beach
Phone: 938-3303
Google Maps
SSCA offers Eco and Bio tours plus those early bird tours that get to popular sites before the crowds - your job is to get up early! Another feature of the tours is that SSCA carefully fill each tour so that there is no feeling of crowding. Of course, knowledgeable guides are a must and Six Senses certainly has those!

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
South Coast Bar and Grill
Bodden Town Road
Phone: 947-2517
Google Maps
If you are going to or coming from George Town you must have seen South Coast Bar and Grill in Breakers - just a couple of hundred yards west of the Lighthouse Restaurant. Looking out the window over the ocean you can see why Breakers is called Breakers. And at South Coast, the large breakers are only 30 yards offshore. You can sit out if you don't mind the background of surf noise - there are fans over the patio. There is ample air-conditioned bar seating, a small cosy restaurant seating area and the outer patio - all very nice and plenty of polished wood. Importantly there were a wide range of locals there and a visitor to the island with questions would certainly find the required info there - but not from the bar servers who are not from Cayman. Snack food was not 5-Star but a reasonable 4-Star and combined with everything else, definitely a place we recommend for that quick stop on the way home or a visit on a Thursday evening for the Lobster Fiesta ($35).
Spotts Beach
An incredible favourite with our guests because of the visiting sea turtles feasting on the sea grasses off of the beach. Many of our guests have reported "snorkeling with the sea turtles". Best time to visit is reportedly 8am to 10am. There is a typically-primitive beach cabana but most visitors appreciate the shade from the still-dwarf coconut trees on the beach planted there by Paul and some Kiwanis Key Clubbers on Earth Day a few years back. Take along the cooler, the canvas folding chairs from the apartment and the Cayman beach towels for a really comfortable experience. But please remember to bring them back...
Sunset House
390 South Church St,
George Town
Phone: 949-7111
The name says it all - great views of the sunset under a thatched-roof bar. Most people know Sunset for two things - great diving, and great Indian curries to follow - but keep away from the fish and chips - the chips are manufactured, not hand-cut. Take the time to visit Cathy Church's photography store while you are there for an array of duty free cameras.

When approaching the Grand Harbour roundabout, turn off left going around the back of Scotiabank. Follow the road past Smith Cove, also known as Smith's Barcadere, and onwards towards George Town. Can't miss it - on the left.
The Sweet Spot
Kaibo Beach, North Side
Phone: 925-8129
Sweet Spot offers guided bioluminescence tours, paddle board and kayak rentals and a variety of boat trips in the tranquil waters of North Sound.

Turn left out of the driveway and proceed and turn onto to the first major road on the right - the Frank Sound Road. Continue across to the "north side" of the island, turning left just after the small gas station in Old Man Bay. Continue on until the signed left turn to Kaibo - about 5.9 miles and then continue about 1 mile to the Kaibo.

898, Austin Conolly Dr,
Gun Bay, East End
Phone: 947-2700
Google Maps
Great food and a great view but can be a bit crowded on a Sunday when brunch is served. The staff are knowledgeable and are known for respecting the privacy of the glitterati who eat there. Highly recommended by Crescent Beach guests in notes in our guestbook. An absolute MUST for your vacation is to Reserve a table for 5pm in order to see the feeding of the Frigate birds.

Turn right out of the driveway and head through East End to Gun Bay - you will not miss Tukka on the beach side - about a 10 minute drive.
Universal Fitness Gym
Countryside Shopping Village
Phone: 947-5464
If exercise motivation lasted we would all be in the best shape of our lives. But it unfortunately doesn’t last, so we have to motivate ourselves each and every day in order to achieve and maintain our fitness results. Universal Fitness offers Group Fitness, Freemotion Circuit, Cybex Circuit, Plate-Weight Circuit, 27 Pieces Of Cardio: Rowers, Bikes, EFX, Steppers, Treadmills, Cybex Arc Trainers, Suspension Training, Yoga, NASM Personal Trainers and Motivational Gym Programming. A wide variety of pricing options from daily to yearly are available. Classes are included in price of membership.
Vivine's Kitchen
Austin Drive, East End
Phone: 947-7435
Take cash with you if you want to sample great home cooking, East End style, either take-out or seated at a backyard table with a wonderful ocean view. Miss Vivine keeps it simple and you will typically find the menu written on a white board. Specials may be word of mouth as hungry patrons finish the set menu and the friendly staff get inventive, but regardless of whether your selection is on or off menu it will be a truly special local Caymanian dining experience. But don't forget the cash as plastic will not cut it. (Turn right out of the driveway and continue through East End. Look for Vivine's just after you pass the monument to the Wreck of the Ten Sail. It is exactly 4.5 miles from Crescent Beach.)
At Reef Resort
Queen's Highway
Phone: 916-7263
A number of our guests have recommended White Sand Water Sports, the 5-star Certificate of Excellence amenity just 7 minutes away from Crescent Beach. In particular you will love the 6:50am boat trip from the Kaibo Dock out to Stingray City where you will have the place to yourself.  But a look at the White Sand website quickly explains why this company is so popular, with an expanded lineup which includes scuba diving, jetovator, tours, paddle board and kayak rentals, kite-boarding, and even yoga. (Turn right out of the driveway - continue through East End and Gun Bay - look for the very tall timeshare buildings on the beach side - Morrits Tortuga and Reef Resort. Make sure that you turn into Reef Resort.)
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