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Our CoVid-19 policies


Crescent Beach is governed by the rules and regulations of the Cayman Islands government and its Department of Tourism, and by common sense. Here are some of the things that you can do and we will do to keep safe and to respect the health and well-being of others.

Pre-Arrival - Guests

  • Do not travel if any of your party has been exposed to the virus and tested positive in the 14 days prior to your arrival. We will refund your fees.
  • Check the Cayman Islands Government website for travel restrictions and requirements.

Pre-Arrival - Our CoVid-19 activities

  • We are taking the preparation of your apartment very seriously. This involves many activities during the period between prior guest checkout and your check-in, including but not limited to:
    • Cleaning staff must wear gloves and a mask; they may not bring personal belongings apart from a cellphone into the apartment
    • Removal of all bedding and towels from the apartment before cleaning and sanitization
      • All bedding and towels are washed and dried on high heat cycles before ironing and storage
    • Disposal of all food and opened drinks left behind into external roadside garbage bins
    • Cleaning and sanitization of:
      • all hard surfaces including fans, wall switches
      • appliances, including but not limited to, microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine and stove
      • bed matresses
      • carpets and rugs
      • patio and balcony furniture
      • waste bins
      • air conditioning filters
    • Sanitized bed linens and towels are placed into bedrooms
    • Bathroom mats are all replaced with heat-washed mats
    • Sanitized cleaning supplies are placed into the kitchen
    • Quality control checking is then done by Fay Anne or Paul who will also wear gloves and a mask and any adjustnments made
    • Once checks are complete, sanitization of door lock after input of your personal access code

Check-In activities

You cannot check in befor 3pm - we need the time to make the environment safe for you after the previous guest family checks out. We will advise you iof you can check in earlier.

Guests for SAND park on the right of the staircase, looking from the road, while guests for SKY park on the left. If you have more than one vehicle, park it near Crescent Beach House - there is plenty of space.

We normally enjoy showing guests around the apartment. However, the Cayman Islands government prefers that only guests enter the apartment. As a result we are creating a movie which will "show you around". Once ready, it will be available in the Videos menu of the website. Please review this video before you fly to Cayman.

Please text or WhatsApp either Paul - 1(345)916-6331 - or Fay Anne - 1(345)925-3807 - when you arrive or call us from the house phone. We are happy to greet you, socially distanced, but cannot enter your apartment during your stay if government restrictions prohibit it.

Guest activities

Please respect the personal space of the guests in the other apartment. Practice social distancing and the wearing of masks if you strike up a conversation with them.

The pool, games room and home theatre are shared spaces. Here are some guidelines for a safe vacation at Crescent Beach:

  • Home theatre
    • Single family use at a time
    • Wear masks on the way to and from the home theatre if another guest family is in the courtyard or games room
    • Remove masks when inside if you wish
    • Only touch a video you wish to use - better not to browse by removal
    • Hand sanitize before and after touching equipment or objects - santization wipes are provided
    • Wipe chairs before and after use - santization wipes are provided
    • Mist spray bean bags with sanitizer provided
    • Call Paul - 916-6331 - or Fay Anne - 925-3807 on the house phone to book to use the facility
      • We need to ensure it is in a safe condition for you
      • We need to check it after you leave the room
  • Games room
    • Commonsense area!
    • Wear masks on the way to and from the games room if another guest family is in the courtyard
    • Hand sanitize before and after touching equipment or objects - santization wipes are provided
    • Wipe chairs before and after use - santization wipes are provided
    • Mist spray pool table cloth with sanitizer provided after you play pool - wipe down the table edges after use
      • Pool and courtyard
      • Commonsense area!
      • Wear masks on the way to and from the facility if another guest family is in the courtyard
      • Sun loungers are set into two groups - please leave them that way for family distancing purposes
      • Practice social distancing if sharing the pool
        • The two jet seats ar 10 feet apart and seat tow people each
        • The pool is a half circle with a diameter of 10 feet.
      • Leave your towel on your sun lounger - do not leave on the ground
      • Wipe down the sun lounger with santization wipe


      It is important that you check out on time since we will need plenty of time to sanitize before the next guest family. Latest checkout time is 11am.

      Here are the things that you need to do:

      • Place all unused but opened food and beverage items and other personal garbage into garbage bags, securely tie the bags and place in roadside bins.

      That's it! Our professional cleaners will do the rest.

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