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Snorkeling in Half Moon Bay

Old Half Moon Bay project sign

Snorkel Sightings in Half Moon Bay
Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands


Half Moon Bay lies within a Marine Replenshment Zone as defined by the Department of the Environment. Therefore, no taking of any marine life alive or dead, except: (a) line fishing from shore is permitted; (b) line fishing at depths of 80 ft or greater is permitted; (c) taking fry and sprat with a fry or cast net is permitted. Fish traps, spear guns, pole spears and other nets are totally prohibited.

Thank you to our guests for letting us know what they see while snorkeling off the beach in Half Moon Bay.

200 feet of beachfront for your Cayman vacation
Images and Cartoons

Yellow Pencil Coral

Trigger Fish

Blue Tang

Sergeant Major


Spotfin Butterfly Fish



Peacock Flounder

Yellow Jack

Banded Coral Shrimp

Angel Fish

Butterfly Fish


Black Grouper

Blue Hamlet

Sea Urchin

Spiny Lobster

Green Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Turtle

Coral Crab

Spotted Moray

Zebra Moray




Scorpion Fish

Atlantic Needlefish

Smooth Dogfish

Sea Anemone

Sea Rod

Sea Whip

Venus Sea Fan

Sheet Coral

Flower Coral

Brain Coral

Nurse Shark

Eagle Ray


Lemon Fish


Queen Triggerfish
Video encounters
Paul called Carl, Conservation Officer for the Department of the Environment, who procured a large net which could safely take Beryl's weight and allow her to be moved without too much discomfort.
Carl and Greg managed to move Beryl to a wide opening in the ironshore where there was reasonable footing. They then waited for an incoming wave to swell the depth of the water and released Beryl back into the more serene waters of Half Moon Bay. Thanks guys...
2024-07-20: Beryl, our quiet Smooth Dogfish shark who lives in Half Moon Bay, managed to get herself trapped in an ironshore pool on the western side of the bay. Very boring, just swimming around in circles waiting for help!
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