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2020 Reviews - Crescent Beach, Grand Cayman

SKY: Jan 2020: CA and family - IL, USA - VRBO - ★★★★★
My    wife and I went to Grand Cayman 25 years ago before kids and have always    considered it our favorite Caribbean/Winter destination. This time we took    all three of our kids plus a fiancé as the one last hurrah before the kids    go out on their own and make their own family memories. We were right on 7    mile beach the first time and like to get off the beaten path any more    while traveling so we looked at options on the East end. I will have to say    that we were very excited with the listing at crescent beach on Home Away.    It looked amazing and just what we were looking for. It has been rare in    our experience, but pictures and descriptions don't capture how wonderful    this property is! The layout is perfect, the quality is amazing, the hosts    are like a trusted neighbor that is always available to help and advise you    but is not intrusive and you can literally be in the ocean in about a dozen    long strides. We went back to Cemetery Beach on 7 mile beach where we were    at 25 years ago to take in an afternoon of snorkeling because of my memory    of how great the reefs were. I was amazed to find that the snorkeling right    in front of our rental on crescent beach was even better. Listen to Paul    for recommendations for grocery stores and restaurants as he was spot on. There    is even a good hospital, a very convenient smaller grocery/liquor store and    a restaurant right around the corner about 2 minutes away. We also had some    pretty good pizza at the Lighthouse Restaurant in the first little    settlement to the West one night when we felt the need to lay off the    seafood for a meal. We took an easy 45 minute drive to the furthest point    of the island from our location for our daughter to swim with the dolphins    and the whole family to ride horses on the beach and even take off the    saddles and literally swim the horses out in the ocean. While we were down    there we also did the sea turtle experience and had a great lunch right on    the ocean at the Cracked Conch. We also took a half day to head down to the    area in Georgetown where the cruise ships let off passengers and the ladies    shopped till they dropped while my nineteen year old son who could legally    drink for the first time and I got a patio table at Margeritaville and    chilled with great drinks and food. The living space at the house was just    perfect and the view off the deck amazing. We can't thank Paul and Faye    Anne enough for giving our family a very fond memory that will last a    lifetime.

Guestbook: Thanks so much for your amazing vacation home and for making us feel welcome and at home. This was our last big hurrah trip before our kids head out on their own and we could not have asked for a better trip. We wish we could have went to Governors Beach with you to welcome in 2020 but we are getting up at 4am so we will have to take a rain check. The store just around the corner by the hospital [Shoprite] was very convenient, and we had some great pizza from Lighthouse Restaurant. If and when we come back to Grand Cayman we will definitely stay here. The snorkeling was amazing, the house perfect, and you are superb hosts. Thanks so much and Happy New Year.

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